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With a new year, a new step – we are training!

On 11 January 2024 a training session on environmental decisions was held at SKJB Szybkowski Kuźma Jeleń Brzoza-Ostrowska law firm. During the presentation, we discussed, among other things, the nature of the decision, the conditions for refusing to issue it, the validity period of the decision and its possible extension, as well as the environmental impact assessment procedure.
As the SKJB lawyer comments, r.prNatalia Styś: "Imposing an obligation on the investor to prepare an environmental impact report may significantly extend the implementation of the investment. If the scope of the report includes, for example, carrying out a nature inventory, including in particular animals and their habitats, it may take up to several months to collect the required data. For this reason, in the case of projects that have the potential to have a significant impact on the environment, it is crucial that the project information sheet is carefully prepared in such a way as to justify the absence of the need for an environmental impact assessment, if possible, of course.' 
In SKJB Szybkowski Kuźma Jeleń Brzoza-Ostrowska, we regularly conduct internal trainings, which are an opportunity to equalize the level of knowledge of lawyers in the scope encountered in the daily work of real estate lawyers and to share experiences within the team.